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and this is what I mean PRETTY

  I always believed that there are different kinds of beauty, but at the same time I always believe that there’s only 1 way to be beautiful! This model shows what I meant for “PRETTY” in the last 20 years. As a photographer I wish I had models like her on location each time I
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 I’ve been spending the last 2 months on the new projects that are coming out between this march 2014 till the end of the 2015!!! A lot of new stuff and we’re almost ready. We had like 8,317 messages and emails and that’s a lot. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be reading each one soon,
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late night working…. with Sting

I just know that’s happening each day and that makes my life very dangerous. I’m here sitting in my office ready for a web conference with the guys in Palo Alto and tonight is the right night to put some Sting on my imac and while I’m doing that there’s this song that catches my
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working tonight

that’s the dark side of this job, and when you work not just in 1 country you spend  a lot of nights up because of the jet lag or just because of meetings with companies from the other side of the world.  Here we are almost ready guys in Palo Alto, California, are you connected?

she did it again

she came to the company with a fab. Starbucks coffee; The most important choice you can make when you take a decision, make sure you have a starbucks coffee in your hand. That is one of the reasons that I accepted this job, because a starbucks is right after the corner; I’m gonna ask today
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meeting room day

I know it’s going to be a very long day, we have a meeting every 45 mins; then a coffee break of 15 mins and ready to go for another one. I know the last one is at 5PM but we are going to be late of course, as always…

it’s been a while

I have to apologize, but as you know I’m not a blogger and the new projects are getting ready  for jan 2014. There’s a lot of work to do with the new agency, the mags, the campaign and a huge surprise for SS 2014. That’s why I was not writing or posting any pic in
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close to be perfect

you must have been working out hours and hours to get these results. I’m so far… I can get there but for the next spring summer. that’s a challenge. btw you should work a little on your legs, they are still too sporty.. ))))


and I’m getting the same for one of my bathrooms at my country house, I just love it

the snow

I was born in Italy, that means I love the winter and mostly the snow; I don’t love it when I travel and flights are delayed but when I’m home, I can’t wait to go out for a walk and relax. Yes because I’m sick, I have a fling strange creative mind, every day I
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be the one YOU wanna be, you don’t need to be someone else, the one the others wanna see. Life is incredibly short. You, one of my best friends ever!!!

what I hate the most?

meetings!!! not because of the people I meet, not at all, it’s just that I have a creative mind (even if someone could say that is sick), and I could spend days on a creative project, but after 5 mins at a meeting I get bored… and sometimes there’s not even a good coffee there.

life is ups and downs

take care of the people you see at your side in both of the situations, all the others are just collaterals in your life.

doutzen times

I will always say straight as it is: the campaigns work always when you place the right message in the right story with fantastic visual guests like Christy and Doutzen (unbelievable in this ad); you can’t fail that way; the budget? probably higher than working with a cheap team that is trying to sell a
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best way

to start a very full working week… it’s when you have your assistant reaching you with your fav cup of coffee… you won’t ever leave her go; at least until she keeps on bringing you the coffee every morning.

you’ve got nails

and I love it so much when your visual talent comes out in every little expression of yourself.

never tell her

that she’s beautiful, otherwise the shooting will never get any better; let her know that she’s doing great but never use that “beautiful” word. I’m gonna write a book one day about shooting shortcuts…

Rosemarie Wetzel

because so many of you asked about this topic, yes of course I was one of a millions of people admiring Claudia, Cindy, Elle in the 90s, but there’s a name I will never forget and I think she’s been one of the best models ever lived on this earth: Rosmarie Wetzel, stunning with no
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wool world

what a wood world, and this is one good reason to love the winter season; we have the chance to wear some incredible stuff. We have a lot of pure wool at the studio today for the shooting and please it’s just a pleasure to wear it…


a very good job has been done; I’m not that crazy about that style but I must admit it with the right dress, the perfect story behind the editorial, something stunning is coming out.

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