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I hate when I try to concentrate to do some work and I have these people around...
Totally jetlagged. When we think it's 2am, but the sun is up and it's 1pm and they are waiting for you on location...
While waiting on location today @MadgeMcalliste1 took this one. I'm not that great instagrammer because it makes my hair white... They called me old dude today!!!
More than crazy with the editorial board...
Miss you #malibu. My schedule is killing me.
Peter Pan once told me that it never comes the time to stop dreaming
Ginseng coffee in a M&M''s cup at the magazine today.
Editorial layout almost ready. Very first preview.
The new Wacom Cintiq 24 HD. Stop thinking. This is the tool you need to nave for high end solutions.
live your life with every single drop of wild instinct you have in your veins
O Captain! My Captain!
and tiramisu, and tomorrow jogging.
Muffins from Paradise
the cutest little girl in the world
listening @mikasounds
miles over miles from Nice to St Tropez, France.
Google from the kid's house...
at least 3 times a day; that's the best human superpower. some people need to know how to turn it on.
Designer: Yamamay Magazine: NeXt. it was just a rainy day, who said that we can't shoot swimwear when it's raining?
1996 - Milan, it's me (left) and mr Levi's Italy as guests for style magazine. after this shot came out in a gossip mag last week, my manager forced me to be on diet before we start with the tv show... so sad... anyway I miss my hair from those years.
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a very good job has been done; I’m not that crazy about that style but I must admit it with the right dress, the perfect story behind the editorial, something stunning is coming out.

Debby Ryan for H mag - Santa Monica, California @ Joey Shaw Up